Social Responsibility

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, ASSURE GROUP remains engaged with different Charitable giving, Volunteering in the community, Corporate policies that benefit the environment, under different programme.

Religious Programme:

  • Co-funded Sadarpur Mosque in Kustia.
  • Co-funded in construction of Tangail orphanage and Madrasa building.
  • Funding in renovation of Koya Graveyard and Eidgah
  • Funding for building construction of Koya Girls school
  • Funding for Monoharpur poschim para jame mosque
  • Donation for development of Khalpar Jame Mosque at sector-13, Uttara
  • Financing for 3 Haji in every year.

Education Programme:

  • Scholarship to Nusrat Jahan, an underprivileged meritorious student of Jagannath University.
  • Scholarship to Kashnia Akhter Liza
  • Scholarship to Abir Hossain